Some great photos from NASA at Pueblo Motorsports Park

Fred Greenwood seems to have gotten nice shots of every car there … except mine.

Ready for the new season! At least I think so. The race is at Pueblo Motorsports Park, with NASA. There will be 10 cars in my class, which I hope means some good racing.

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This is my first full rookie year. I will have my first BMWCCA Club Racing races. And because I ran an interrupted season last year, I still have one more NASA race with my rookie “R” in its orange tape glory.

I wasn’t intending to do much with the racecar this year but gut out the extra weight now that I’ve dropped the regional SpecM3 class to go for full-on GTS-2, but after talking to Dan Goodman, who built the car, and Mark Baer of SCR Performance, I decided to go for some rather profound improvements in my suspension — with new control arms, new bushings, new springs.

All of these things will add to the cars stability and safety, which I consider features I don’t want to blow off. The car always felt a little squirrely under hard braking and I hope these improvements help.

For a bit better performance, I also added a Bimmerworld race exhaust and DSC delete. And for safety, a 6-nozzle fire system.

I still don’t have a decent tune to max out my power under peak, so I don’t expect to be driving the quickest car out there. But I figure the biggest improvements to be had are in the driver, and that comes from seat time.

Which hopefully will resume in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

This weekend we’re at PMP with NASA, and though we had a dusting of snow earlier this fall, it’s looking to be a sunny and warm weekend. This is going to be fun!

Some pictures from this year.


Toot Sweet is now a proud owner of 28’ of hauling space. Pictures once it’s cleaned up.

Pueblo-bound, but first….

We have a busy week and a half: stripping some more weight from the M3.

Thinking about leaving SpecM3

This has been my first year of wheel-to-wheel racing, so maybe this is premature, but I’m racing for the racing. It’s no fun running alone. In fact, it sucks.

So as this season approaches a close, I’m looking at dropping SpecM3 as a target racing class for next year. So far I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s still racing SpecM3. Those who did in the past have moved on to other classes, mainly GTS-2 or GTS-3 and higher.

This year with NASA, I’ve stayed within SpecM3 specs, but raced GTS-2. It’s doable. The problem is that with a full tank my car weighs in at nearly 200 pounds heavier than the competition. I have a lot to learn as a driver to be truly competitive, but having the wrong car can make that a challenge for seasoned racers. In the end, though, it’s about the fun, and I feel it just might be more fun racing against Lee, Gene and others in NASA GTS-2 with something other than a street-legal Panzer tank.

And I suspect it will be more fun in SCCA to be racing against … somebody, anybody.

I’ll finish out in SpecM3 for SCCA at Pueblo Motorsports Park next month. And then I’ll probably start removing car weight. First on the list: that carpet!

So the NASA Rocky Mountain weekend at Pikes Peak International Raceway was, for me, personally, a mixed bag. The long summer off cost me in pace. I didn’t suck too bad in terms of fast times (1:07.13), but I was definitely off the GTS-2 pace. And I get an F for consistency, mainly because something I ate was messing with my stomach, leave it at that. TMI.

Good news: Dave Balingit is signing off on my racing license. No more provisional status! Yay!

Bad news: Thanks to a scratch and a DNF (due to aforementioned ailment), I still have 3 races to complete before I lose my rookie orange. (Silver lining: Other racers give me a wider berth when they see those markings, which could be used to advantage. Heeheehee!)

Two events at Pueblo Motorsports Park next month (NASA and SCCA). Looking forward to the new surface!