One of the oddball race prep items

Sewing sponsor and club patches onto the fire suit. I plan to use stickem and an iron. Needles are too dangerous! ;)

It’s been a long summer off. Really excited about getting back out on the track. I have my rookie orange R I have to earn off!

We spent the last weekend with SCCA. Laura was in driving school, which is really racing school. Kate ran the Club Time Trials, where she won 4 awards for being the fastest, even when handicapped for car class. Yay!

The school was pretty much like the NASA competition school, except that the rules were SCCA rules … which is important, because every club does things a bit differently! Then we got out on the track for practice runs and, finally, participation in the qualifying and final race.

Laura won the SpecM3 class. She also came in last, because there were no other SpecM3s there. Maybe next time?

We joined Twitter.

What we say is, “Slow on social media, fast on track!”

Not only is this M3 pretty, she has low miles and a Euro motor. Yum!

While waiting between sessions, this Adventador showed up. Many oglers.

Taking in some practice with some Porsches and the PCA.

Taking it easy tonight before a weekend with PCA at High Plains Raceway.