We had a great time with NASA at PPIR this past weekend!


Last year I was bitten by the road track bug. Oh my! I did a bunch of DE days with 4 different organizations on 5 different tracks. And was it fun!

This year I’m intending to take it up a notch and get into wheel-to-wheel racing. I got an old M3 with 150k miles on it, so I won’t be risking my daily driver (which I love too much to risk that way). But now I need to get the safety gear together so I can get started.

  • Arai helmet. The one I’m eyeing is SAH2010.
  • HANS Pro.
  • Stella Nomex suit.
  • Nomex gloves.
  • Maybe also Nomex balaclava and socks.

This is all safety related, so I don’t want to skimp. But this stuff is expensive! So now I’m feeling the sticker shock.

And I’m waiting to gather a few more nickels before making the purchases. The problem is that the NASA competition school is in 9 days! I’m running out of time if I’m going to participate there. I am signed up for the BMWCCA Racing School in May, so it’s not my only opportunity, but I want to learn as much as I can!

On March 31, we kicked off the season with some hot laps at High Plains Raceway. Felt good to take the new girls out and stretch their legs!