Thinking about leaving SpecM3

This has been my first year of wheel-to-wheel racing, so maybe this is premature, but I’m racing for the racing. It’s no fun running alone. In fact, it sucks.

So as this season approaches a close, I’m looking at dropping SpecM3 as a target racing class for next year. So far I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s still racing SpecM3. Those who did in the past have moved on to other classes, mainly GTS-2 or GTS-3 and higher.

This year with NASA, I’ve stayed within SpecM3 specs, but raced GTS-2. It’s doable. The problem is that with a full tank my car weighs in at nearly 200 pounds heavier than the competition. I have a lot to learn as a driver to be truly competitive, but having the wrong car can make that a challenge for seasoned racers. In the end, though, it’s about the fun, and I feel it just might be more fun racing against Lee, Gene and others in NASA GTS-2 with something other than a street-legal Panzer tank.

And I suspect it will be more fun in SCCA to be racing against … somebody, anybody.

I’ll finish out in SpecM3 for SCCA at Pueblo Motorsports Park next month. And then I’ll probably start removing car weight. First on the list: that carpet!

We spent the last weekend with SCCA. Laura was in driving school, which is really racing school. Kate ran the Club Time Trials, where she won 4 awards for being the fastest, even when handicapped for car class. Yay!

The school was pretty much like the NASA competition school, except that the rules were SCCA rules … which is important, because every club does things a bit differently! Then we got out on the track for practice runs and, finally, participation in the qualifying and final race.

Laura won the SpecM3 class. She also came in last, because there were no other SpecM3s there. Maybe next time?